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🤯6 crazy tips to drift off to sleep faster you didn’t know about!🤯 📌Third eye pressing – It is right in the middle between your eyes! Pressing on this point will help relief fear and depression. You also can use an essential oil of your choice, Jasmin or lavender are working well. 📌Try falling asleep on your left side! – It’s healthier this way, because of the position of inner organs. Sleeping on your left side can prevent acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems. 📌4-7-8 method – It’s really simple: breathe in for 4 seconds through the nose, hold for 7 second, and slowly exhale for 8 seconds. This exercise will clear your mind, slow down your brain and heart rate. Amazing! 📌Military method – (1) relax all the muscles on your face (2) release the tension in your shoulders and drop your hands to the sides of your body (3) Exhale, relax your chest (4) relax all the muscles of your legs (5) don’t think for 10 seconds at all! Or say the words “don’t think!” in your mind over and over! 📌Try to stay awake! It really works for some people, especially for those with insomnia, google for research “paradoxical intention for insomnia” 🐒Counting sheep works for some people as well, at least it is cute! —- 🔹️Follow @letssleepbetter for more 🔹️Link to our shop in bio @letssleepbetter —- #lets_sleep_better #lets #letssleepbetter

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