Spine Alignment

Or 6 steps to realign your spine

Do you spend hours in office chair? Sitting with legs crossed? Do you sleep a lot on your stomach?

Well, how does your back feel by the end of the day? Yeah, we all have been there))

Good news is, LET’S SLEEP BETTER figured out 6 steps to support your spine:

1. Stretching

Definitely, try to stretch during the day. The more the better!

2. Shoes.

Maybe it is not a bad idea to take a look at the shoes you are wearing. They should be supporting and truly (!) comfortable. Wrong shoes can change the way you walk and stand, your body is circulated with blood, your spine is positioned.

3. Rules

If you sit a lot, please remember that your back experiences more pressure while you are sitting in comparison with when you standing. Create some rules that will help? For example: stand up every 20 minutes, take a walk, grab a coffee, next time – a tea, then – water, move, stretch!

4. Exercise

Have you ever tried yoga? It’s amazing for stretching the whole body, strengthening back and core muscles. Pilates is able to do a similar job if you are ready to stay consistent with that. You’ll also feel great, promise! Don’t forget about cardio and weight training, muscles are important for back strength and correct spine and joints alignment.

5. Rest

You have to give your spine enough rest as well. Try to sleep on your back, or when sleeping on your side use a small pillow to correct your position (our little pillow is more than perfect for this!)

6. Chiro

If you don’t want or can’t do it yourself, Chiropractors can help you, massages as well))

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